Carefree Advisors

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Mailing Address

2141 E Highland Ave

STE A-170

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone Number

 (800) 397-6171

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Business Overview

Carefree Advisors is one of the largest enrollment assistance providers in the United States. Their reputation is A+ by adhering to strict compliance standards, exceeding client satisfaction, the rate of successful enrollments, as well as regular charitable involvement. This agency also offers a guarantee of successful enrollment secured by contract. 


Carefree Advisors is certified and authorized to conduct business on behalf of individuals seeking assistance for the process of enrollment into federal government programs.  In addition to consolidation and program changes, they also assist critical needs clients, such as help with defaulted loans, wage garnishment, tax refund garnishment, borrower defense clients and more.  


Based on standards set by the United States Government, Carefree Advisors follows all compliance requirements, including but not limited to: recording phone calls for consumer safety and accuracy; legal signature acquisition; legal contracts to guarantee complete and successful service; fair and equitable refund policy. 


Carefree Advisors maintains the highest volume and success rate for enrollment assistance nationwide.  Carefree Advisors provides a written guarantee of successful enrollment, ensuring quality service and earning the confidence of each new client. 



Carefree Advisors is authorized to work with and on behalf of individuals with the Department of Education, the IRS, all major servicers, collection agencies and others for the purpose of assisting clients with enrollment into federal government programs. Carefree Advisors works with the above agencies to ensure fair business practices are enabled for consumers. 


Carefree Advisors has been featured in local and national news, USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, Essence Magazine, Fox News, local and national television, radio shows and more. 


Carefree Advisors hosts educational seminars to help community members understand their student loans, and offer any needed assistance at no cost.  The stated goal is to educate the community about how to save money on student loans and prevent problems.  They are regularly seen sponsoring charitable events, and have been featured in numerous publications for offering highly specialized services pro-bono (free of charge) to those in need.  To keep up with demand, Carefree Advisors reports that employees are educated monthly with updated industry standards, legal requirements, program changes and benefits, and other common industry changes.